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My 1999 E-Z-GO Is Starting Poorly & Using Oil

Craig asks: My 1999 E-Z-GO had a lot of hours on it and was starting poorly and using oil. I sent it into Buggies Unlimited for engine rebuilding. Shipping and turnaround time was excellent. I still have a hard start problem (seems worse – hot engine) exactly like before engine rebuild. Runs strong once running, everything is new, carburetor, fuel pump, muffler, filters, etc. I am at a loss, seems like the fuel problem. Any suggestions?

Guru: Hi Craig, You are experiencing a lean issue at startup. First, check the throttle. Make sure the carburetor is fully closed when the accelerator pedal is up. Press the accelerator pedal making sure the engine starts to turn over before the carburetor opens. Second, you want to check the valve clearance. Both intake and exhaust should be set to .004. Take this measurement between the rocker arm and the cam lobe with the high point of the lobe pointing down. These are the two biggest causes of a “hard to start” issue. Hope this helps.