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Having Trouble With Starter Generators?

Boyce askes: I have a 2009 E-Z-GO cart with a 13-hp Kawasaki 4-stroke single engine. It was bought used. Since owning it, the starter sometimes fails to turn the engine until the pedal has been held a few seconds. There is a hum from the starter/generator during this time. Battery (500CC amps) is new and I have recently replaced the belt and the solenoid. No help. Any ideas?

Guru: Hi Boyce, The issue you’re having is a common issue on most gas golf cars.
First, we need to check the voltage to your starter generator with a voltmeter set to DC volts. On your starter generator, there is a terminal marked F2 and one marked A1. When this issue occurs, use the voltmeter – connect the positive lead to the F2 terminal and the negative to the A1 terminal. Key on and in forward gear, press the accelerator pedal and confirm you are getting the full 12 volts to the starter generator. If the volts drop off or are low, double-check your battery and cable connections. If the voltage stays a strong 12-volts, the issue is a dead spot on the armature in your starter generator and will need to be replaced.

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Greg asks: I have a 1991 E-Z-GO 2-cycle golf cart that will not charge its battery. I have replaced the voltage regulator, battery and coil. I have also had starter generator checked out, and its okay. Could the forward/reverse switch cause the battery not to charge? Any help would be appreciated.

Guru: Hi Gregory, The first thing we need to do is double-check the cables on the starter generator to make sure the polarity is correct. I’ve attached a diagram to help confirm.

Second, we need to test the wires to these components to make sure we are getting the proper voltages to make them work. Let’s start with the voltage regulator. On the voltage regulator, the D+ terminal should have a red wire. This wire should test 12v positive when the accelerator pedal is pressed. The D- terminal should have two black wires. These are your negative or ground. You should read 12v negative. Press the accelerator pedal to make sure your reading does not drop out under a load. The DF terminal should have a green wire. This is a variable negative to the charging circuit of the starter generator. When the engine is running, you should read a 7-to 9-volt negative. If you do read the negative output, check it at the starter generator on the DF terminal to make sure it’s making it to the generator. The DF terminal on the generator needs to receive the negative output from the regulator, or it will not charge the battery.

E-Z-GO 1990 2-cycle wire diagram


Michael asks: I have a 95 E-Z-GO golf cart, and the 36-volt solenoid is mounted to a box that is making a clicking noise. What is that box?

Guru: The box you are referring to is the controller. It could be your issue, but there are several other components that could also be the issue.