The Pro Shop

November/December 2023

1. 6″ E-Z-GO TXT Golf Car Lift Kit by STEELENG.
Improve your E-Z-GO TXT car’s off-road capability and ride height with this drop axle lift kit. Boasting your car’s clearance is a great way to make it stick out compared to the others. It pairs great with off-road wheels that measure up to 23’. The package comes with tie-rod extenders, shock mounts, front risers, rear risers, and a free new tire rod. With a strong allow class 8.8 high strength hardware, your car will tackle rough terrain with more confidence.

2. Quick Charge 3.0 Dual 12V USB Charger by MMYUSDirect.
Long days on an 18-hole course can surely drain your phone and portable speaker’s battery. The days of your devices dying on the green are over with this simple-to-install and quick-charging 12-volt USB charger. Once you install this on your car, you will no longer need those annoying portable battery packs that we always forget to charge the day before. Join the revolution and grab yourself one of these very convenient chargers today.

3. Golf Car Seat Cover and Stay Cool Seat Blanket for Club Car by Amylove.
If you’re looking for a practical way to protect your seats and also upgrade the look of your car, look no further. This seat cover doubles as a microfiber towel seat blanket. Just simply place this on the seats and put them between the front arm handles. It can protect your seats from spills, direct sunlight, and mud from rainy days on the course. A favorite is the American flag style but there are more creative styles to choose from.

4. Golf Car Diamond Flip Armrest with Cup Holder by NOKINS.
You can’t forget about your rear passenger’s comfort. Add cup holder convenience and maximize your rear-facing guests’ comfort with these diamond flip armrests. The design and feel of these armrests are premium but don’t hurt the wallet too much. With leather material and diamond-style stitching, these comfortable cup holder armrests come in black, blue, brown, and red to match any golf car seat setup. No need to drill into your car with an easy-to-install design with tools included.

5. Mossy Oak Vinyl Camo Golf Wrap by Mossy Oak Graphics.
Stay more true to the elements with a camo vinyl wrap. Premium 3M materials will protect your original bodywork and step up your golf car’s presence. These best-in-class camo graphic wraps have an industry-leading seven-year durability rating and a five-year warranty against fading. If traditional camouflage is not your style then you have around 30 options of multi-colored camouflage styles to choose from. No matter the car, if it’s an E-Z-GO, Yamaha, or Club Car, your vehicle can be wrapped in this high-quality vinyl.

6. 500 Watt Peak Black 6.5” Water Resistant RGB Speakers by BELVA.
If portable speakers are just not cutting it for your music on the course, consider these two peak 500-watt speakers. With marine-grade water resistance and RGB illumination, these speakers are a must-have for a budget-friendly speaker system upgrade. They not only look sharp but sound great. They can match any car with the option of a black or white design. Sound better on and off the course with these two-way water resistance speakers.

7. Golf Car Steering Wheel Wood Grain Black Spokes and Adapter by Roykaw.
Give your golf car a more retro-classic look that also helps you turn better on those sometimes windy golf paths. With improved ergonomics and smooth streamlined curves, driving longer distances feels more comfortable. In addition to the wheel, an optional adapter will fit most golf car models. If safety is a priority of yours you will be truly impressed with its polyurethane material featuring strong anti-slip properties. Level up your car’s handling and look with this wood grain cartwheel.

8. Lithium 48V 96AH Golf Car Battery by Dakota Lithium.
Play longer and go further with this strong car lithium battery. Get better performance, lighter weight, and faster charge times when compared to traditional lead acid cart batteries. Overall, you will be welcomed with more power, less maintenance, improved handling, less wear, and steady power output. Its lifespan lasts roughly five years with daily use. Give your car a new heart with this outstanding lithium battery.

9. Golf Car Phone Holder Steering Wheel GPS Mount by Ronqui.
Navigate any course with ease and all the accessibility of your fingertips. Mount your phone to the steering wheel and enjoy seamless smartphone convenience in your golf car. Just simply install this mount and slide your phone in. In addition to an amazing place to put your smartphone, you can hold your scorecard and a pencil to record your games. This is a must-have for any serious golf players who need convenience and efficiency on the course.

10. GRIPZ 22X10-12 All Terrain Tire by MODZ.
If you tend to take your car off-roading beyond the golf course then seriously consider these All-Terrain Tires. These aggressive-looking tires make your car look fearless and also prevent you from needing to pull out of a ditch. Boasting a solid rubber construction, this will increase your handling and traction off the pavement and on rainy days. With the addition to a lift kit, your golf car will become a work-horse so you can play hard both on the course and off.