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Off-Roading, Golf Car Style

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / SevenMaps

A Brazilian golf course offers an interesting drive.

The Santapazienza Golf Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil is built into dense foliage and offers some interesting features – including a golf car path that takes drivers into a river.

Well, almost. The website discovered the video via the Instagram account @golf_gods. It shows several golf cars driving a golf car path that goes down a slight incline towards a river – and seemingly, no bridge. The cars then drive straight into a river; only then does it become apparent that the bridge is there, just underwater, and visibly light brown. It’s high enough that no water laps into the car or around the undercarriage. In the middle of the river, a humorous detail has been added – a mailbox poking up out of the water.

According to, course designers, who built the course in an area of dense foliage, wanted to be creative about hiding golf car paths.