Golf Cars In The News

Slate Backs Golf Cars

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / Mary at T-Comms

A writer for the popular website hails golf cars as a vehicle of the future.

Politics and culture website Slate published a piece that strongly backs golf cars. Written by David Zipper, a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Taubman Center for State and Local Government who writes about urban mobility and technology, the piece hailed golf cars as a “promising form factor for many places that lack the density to support high-frequency transit service.”

He wrote about places that have embraced golf cars and created infrastructure for them, including Peachtree, Georgia, the Villages in Florida and Catalina Island in California.

“These puttering vehicles, most often associated with leisure and affluence, just might provide a pathway toward safe, affordable, and entertaining rides for the masses,” he wrote.

“Beyond street redesigns and regulatory tweaks, golf carts require Americans to do something that federal officials struggle with: envision a future that doesn’t revolve around the car. In as auto-centric a country as the United States, that requires considerable imagination, especially in the suburbs. But towns like Peachtree City—and entire countries like the Netherlands—show that people will gladly leave the car at home if it’s easy to get around on a smaller, safer vehicle that’s both affordable and fun.