Ask The Guru

Trouble With Solenoid

Stan askes: Guru, I can hear the solenoid click but the cart stops and starts in an irregular fashion. This is a 2009 Club Car XRT 850 E utility. The cart might go 10 or 100 feet and stops. Recycle peddle and starts again. Speed is also lower. Any idea where to start looking?

Guru: Stan, From your description of the issue we need to start with the solenoid. Solenoids can be misleading. Just because they click doesn’t always indicate a working solenoid.

Here is a way you can confirm if the solenoid is in fact working or not. Using a voltmeter set to DC volts with a high enough range to read 48 to 50 volts. Locate the solenoid. Place the neg lead of the meter on the main neg of the battery pack. The pos lead of the meter on the yellow large cable on the solenoid. You will read voltage before you activate the pedal. Then activate the accelerator pedal. When the solenoid clicks the voltage should go up to battery voltage. If the voltage drops away you have confirmed a bad solenoid.