Ask The Guru

Air Intake Issue

Reggie askes: We have a 92 Club Car that’s giving us a fit. We have put a new carburetor, throttle cable, fuel pump, and several other items. The car will start, run for about 2 or 3 seconds and dies. At first we thought this was the RPM limiter and we disabled it by disconnecting the ground wire under the strap and taping it up, but no change. While trying to trouble shoot this I found that if I take my hand and block about 25% of the intake port of the carb (with the intake hose disconnected) I can get it to run. So by limiting airflow the engine will run. Have you ever seen anything like this, or can give us a pointer where too possible look?

Guru: Hi Reggie, The Issue you’re having is no air intake restriction. Here are a few things to check for the cause.

First remove the inspection plate at the carburetor linkage. With the key switch off press the accelerator pedal to the floor and back up again. Watch for the for the linkage to fully open at the floor and the return spring is able to close it as you release the pedal. If the linkage stays fully open when the pedal is released. Check the governor cable. This is the cable from the governor to the carburetor. Make sure it has full movement in its housing. Second double check all the gaskets and intake insulator. Make sure you have a good seal between the carburetor and the cylinder head.