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ATG (NovDec12) – Clutch Pullers

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QUESTION: UA from NJ writes: Explain what a clutch puller is ANSWER: On golf cars it is a devise with a hex head shaft with a threaded area for inserting into a matching threaded hole on the clutch. Notice on the sample clutch pullers all of them have several things in common. All of them have a hex for socket… Read more »

ATG (SepOct12) – Checking a Starter Circuit

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QUESTION: B.H. from Ohio writes; What is a quick way to check the starter circuit on a gas Club Car ANSWER: I assume you mean the engine is not turning over. I do not like in this format to just throw out a quick “this is what you do”. I like to take the time to fully explain things so… Read more »

ATG (JulAug12) – Testing Voltage

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QUESTION: Roger what do you mean when you say “check voltage across the solenoid”? Voltage across battery? This confuses me..VA from NE ANSWER: Sorry to confuse you and all this means is just what I am implying. You are literally testing voltage across a given point. Example is the solenoid. Typically you have four connection points. Two connections are for… Read more »

ATG (MarApr12) – Replacement Timers

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QUESTION: TM from CAL Writes: I hear you talk a lot Part Number 30931 Auto-Timer can it be made to work on the car? DC Nevada ANSWER: DC, this being a new product it takes time to finish completely. We have several reports of this unit working well on the charger itself. The 30930 36-volt version is a good alternative… Read more »

ATG (MarApr12) – Determining E-Z-GO Drive Sytems

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Question: TM from CAL Writes: I hear you talk a lot about drive systems and how do I tell what system is in my E-Z-GO car? Answer: Determining if you car’s drive system is Regenerative /Dynamic Braking or Series is not that difficult. Regenerative/Dynamic Braking simply means the car’s system is called a SepEx system. The motor utilizes a separately… Read more »

ATG (JanFeb12) – Testing Club Car Computers

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QUESTION: BW Writes; What is the testing procedure for Club Car computers? ANSWER: First it must be determined what issue is seen: 1) Will Not Charge 2) Charges But Car Will Not Run 3) Charges But Will Not Shut Off 4) Charger Will Not Work On A Different Car 5) Working Charger Will Not Work On Specific Car System #1:… Read more »

ATG (NovDec11) – Adjusting brakes on a Club Car

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Question: How do I adjust the brakes on a Club Car Bob from CA Answer: Before doing anything please take a moment to act on safety! Always wear eye protection. 1995 Newer Auto- Adjusting Brake Adjustment Process While these brakes are considered “self-adjusting”, they do require some attention in order to maintain their performance. Rule #1 – NEVER adjust the… Read more »

ATG (SepOct11) – Opening A Dealership

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I will not show a name or state on this question as requested. The term Dealership means many different things to different people and how we get there is hard to do! You must consider many things from financing to family. Just to hang a sign out in front of a building means very little. I am in a unique… Read more »

ATG (JulAug11) – Testing PDS Motors

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QUESTION: How can I test my PDS electric motor? N.K. from Maine ACCORDING TO ROGER: This is a frequently asked question. This can be a little tricky if you do not follow procedures. In working with our motor department lead Tim DeWitt we have put together the following “tech tip”. Before any testing is done you must discharge the controller… Read more »

ATG (MayJun11) – Voltage

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QUESTION: Should I use a voltage reducer or voltage converter?JD from Vermont ANSWER: First let’s define what each one is. A voltage reducer is a devise that reduces 16/18 volts to a usable 12-volts from the negative side. This is used with two 8-volt batteries. You will not see 12-volts at open circuit, you must have a load applied to… Read more »