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ATG (May/June16) – Tools of the Trade

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GB Writes:  What are the tools of the trade? According to Roger: That is a very broad subject consisting of many area’s. We need to narrow that down to sales or technical. However, they both are required to be successful in the industry. From a sales standpoint you need a staff that understands relationship selling and features and benefits of… Read more »

ATG (MarApr16) – Starter Not Turning Motor

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HJ writes: How do I fix my starter to turn motor over? According to Roger: Failure of the engine to turn over is due to several different areas: 1) Low battery voltage is one, and must be addressed first before moving forward. The battery must have a nominal voltage of 12 and fully charged voltage of 12.72. The battery must… Read more »

ATG (JanFeb16) – Speed Sensors

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BM Writes: How do I check a speed sensor? According to Roger: It is really not a difficult thing just a matter of understanding a few things. Most of the time if the car does a nose drive when you accelerate that is a strong indication of a defective sensor or magnet. If the car cannot get to speed and… Read more »

ATG (NovDec15) – IQ Controller Testing

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QUESTION: PL. Asks: Can you please simplify IQ controller testing. ACCORDING TO ROGER: Okay, I have written about IQ systems before and think I have a way of breaking testing down a tad more simple. Usually, what I find is everyone wants that “here it is answer” and just tell me what I need. Unfortunately it does not work that… Read more »

ATG (SepOct15) – MCORs

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QUESTION: M.D. Writes: Can you please supply some information about Club Car MCOR’s. ACCORDING TO ROGER: Well get ready to be entertained! I am not quite sure anyone knows exactly everything about the MCOR maze. It is sort of like “what computer do I use on a Club Car”? I bet even Club Car gets confused! Testing MCOR’s is the… Read more »

ATG (JulAug15) – Bench Testing Solenoids

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QUESTION: Can you tell me how to bench test solenoids? GURU: You know, I guess that is something I should cover. It seems no matter how I write it; some people just do not get it. So maybe this is a better way to approach this. I think where people get confused is understanding how the solenoid is activated. So… Read more »

ATG (MayJun15) – Golf Cart vs ATV

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QUESTION: Why Should I buy a golf car and not an ATV for off-roading? ANSWER: I advise people to determine how aggressive do they want to be. What do you expect, and what is your budget. If you intend to be hard core and load it up and get crazy consider a gas car or ATV. If you intend to… Read more »

ATG (MarApr15) – How to Test a 2010 48V TXT

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MD writes: How do I do testing on a 48-volt TXT 2010 According to Roger: TXT 48 Volt Electric Car 2010 and Up: Make sure you turn the run/tow switch to tow if disconnecting the battery pack for any reason or you can see catastrophic controller failure! Make sure the rear wheels are off the ground for safety. Wear eye… Read more »

ATG (JanFeb15) – Test Stand (Part 3)

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This one is much more simple than Shunt Wound Systems and takes a little less time to wire and make cable connections. Parts you need are a manual shifter, contactor (single pole single throw), Potentiometer, ITS, motor/drive unit. I chose to do that just a tad different so battery disconnect is not needed when switching from 36 volts to 48… Read more »

ATG (Nov/Dec14) – DS Not Moving

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This is a multi-part question and answer. Question: I have a 1999 Club Car DS that when I turn on the switch and put it in F or R and depress the foot pedal I can hear the solenoid click but it will not move at all. When I replaced the controller the solenoid was not clicking. Now all I… Read more »