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TS (JulAug13) – AC Motor Drive Systems

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By: Matt Vallez Over the last several years we have seen the increased use of AC systems in golf cars. The most telling development has been E-Z-GO installing an AC system as standard on their RXV golf car. In past articles I have highlighted an AC system for golf cars and discussed its advantages. Well, it is here to stay… Read more »

TS (MayJun13) – F&R Switches

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By: Matt Vallez This article first appeared in May/June, 2010 issue of Golf Car News magazine, it has been updated, fact checked and reprinted for this issue. Over the last few years dealers have been “beefing-up” their electric golf cars. It started with a motor or field coil change, then the controllers. Then the motors started to get even larger,… Read more »

TS (JanFeb13) – Solar Tops

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By Matt Vallez Solar and golf cars have been paired together since the early 1990’s, the problem has always been they have not worked well together. They seem like a natural; an electric golf car and sun to recharge the battery system like a match made in heaven. The honeymoon is soon over when the reality sets in that most… Read more »

TS (NovDec12) – Chargers

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By Matt Vallez Upon returning to the garage where his golf car has been stored for several months, the owner plugs in his automatic charger and finds it will not come on.  He did not feel comfortable leaving it plugged in for the entire off season, but now the battery charger won’t come on. This is one of the most… Read more »

TS (SepOct12) – Lift Kits

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By: Matt Vallez Today we will talk about lift kits, not just any lift kits but the new breed of lift kits known as the “Double A- Arm” lift kits. But first let’s go back in time to how this style of lift kit came to be. The first lift kits were simple axle lifts on E-Z-GO’s and “Z” bar… Read more »

TS (JulAug12) – Accessories

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By: Matt Vallez This is a reprint of an article that original appeared in the Golf Car News Magazine May/June 2007 edition. In this issue we are focusing on accessories for golf cars, so what exactly are golf car accessories? According to my Webster’s Dictionary, an accessory is any object or device that is not necessary in itself, but that… Read more »

TS (May/Jun12) – Lyte-Lock Battery Covers

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By: Matt Vallez As I am sure you are aware, electric golf cars are powered by rechargeable, lead acid batteries.  These batteries are still the most economical way to power an electric golf car. Although other technologies are available, most likely in anyone’s lifetime that is old enough to read this article the lead acid battery will still is the… Read more »

TS (JanFeb12) – Battery Sulfation

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The following technically speaking first appeared in the March/April of 2005 Golf Car News Magazine. It has been updated and fact checked again for release in this issue. The lead acid battery has been the battery of choice in the golf car industry for years. Until other battery technologies become economical enough to put under the seat of a golf… Read more »

TS (JanFeb12) – Battery Water

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By: Matt Vallez This article was originally published in the Golf Car News Mar/Apr 2009 issue, it has been fact checked and updated as needed. Do you know what kind of water is going into the batteries you maintain? Aside from making sure there is adequate water in the battery in the first place, what’s most important is the purity… Read more »

TS (NovDec11) – SPM Controllers from Alltrax

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By Matt Vallez, Tony Thorne Several decades ago when real men dragged their 200 lb golf bag around a golf course, it didn’t take long to see the need for a mode of transportation, thus the “Golf Car” was born. These somewhat primitive vehicles came with various drive schemes, 3 or 4 wheels, some with relay drives to the more… Read more »