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Redefining the Golf Car Experience

PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of nivel

Through innovation and legacy, MadJax continues to push the envelope in the industry.

For over half a century, Nivel has been synonymous with quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the realm of aftermarket golf car parts and accessories. Following in the same path, MadJax has been at the forefront of the golf car industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Starting from humble beginnings, the company has journeyed through evolving golf car technology, transforming from crafting individual components to creating a complete, integrated golf car solution.

What began as a modest venture into aftermarket golf car parts and accessories has turned into a trailblazing journey that has led to the creation of the MadJax XSeries – a golf car that seamlessly marries history with innovation, setting new standards for performance, style, and rider comfort. The MadJax XSeries Storm made its debut at the 2023 PGA Show, marking the inception of a new era in golf car design. This launch was not just a showcase of a product; it symbolized a commitment to delivering unmatched comfort, performance, and style to riders. The brand understands the needs of dealers and goes above and beyond to support them by utilizing every tool Nivel offers.

PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of nivel

Driven by an in-house design philosophy fueled by team passion, their commitment to dealers’ success thrives through innovation. By heeding dealer feedback, their XSeries evolves exponentially, consistently surpassing expectations with each new model. Their US-based departments, spanning engineering, marketing, customer service, and sales, converge cohesively to champion excellence, epitomizing a unified and passionate approach to product development.

It all started with a simple idea – to enhance the golf car experience through quality components. From seating and tires to lift kits and more, MadJax’s commitment to excellence set the stage for a journey that would eventually redefine the golf car landscape.

As golf car technology has transformed over the years, MadJax evolved with it with the introduction of the latest model. Building upon this momentum, the MadJax XSeries 2024 Model has arrived, setting new benchmarks in the world of golf cars. This model reflects a holistic approach to addressing the needs of both golfers and recreational drivers. The most groundbreaking feature that is introduced with this model is the 10″ screen feature, providing optimal experience through technology. This complete golf car solution reflects MadJax’s dedication to delivering the ultimate rider experience, combining comfort, performance, and aesthetics in perfect harmony. The model introduces a series of cutting-edge advancements that reimagine the golf car experience:

PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of nivel

J 10″ Screen: The display offers a range of features that seamlessly integrate into the rider’s lifestyle, they include: a rear backup camera, FM radio, Bluetooth audio, a state-of-charge meter, speed gauge, battery charge and odometer. The last three further enhance the rider’s understanding of the vehicle’s performance.
J A Colorful Spectrum: The XSeries 2024 boasts an expanded color palette, with the addition of 6 new colors, bringing the total to an impressive 12 vibrant choices. This allows riders to express their individuality and style in ways never before possible.
J LUX Features: Lighting isn’t just functional – it’s an integral part of the XSeries 2024’s design. With dynamic color-changing RGB technology lights, every journey becomes a visual delight, making each ride a memorable experience. In addition, the MadJax app allows to user to customize the color, pattern, and speed of the RGB3 technology ensuring the maximum luxurious form of accesibility.
J Premium Comfort: The XSeries 2024 isn’t just about looks – it’s about creating an automotive-like comfort. The new MadJax MK1 steering wheel and the seats elevate the experience to new heights. The steering system features responsive handling and an exceptional turning radius for the ultimate control. The plush seats are made with top-notch materials for the unmatched comfort you seek. In addition, they are offered in a variety of colors and styles to meet your design needs.
J New and Improved Dashboard: The latest model offers a dash that allows you to experience a mobile oasis where technology meets convenience. It features extra-large cup holders, a locking glove box, wireless chargers, speakers and dual USB ports. It truly encompasses the sleek and stylish design that is MadJax branding.

The 4-Passenger Variant, designed to elevate the recreational driving experience, focuses on enhancing the ride for both the driver and passengers. Perfectly suited for golfers, the 2-Passenger Variant is equipped with all the essentials – a sweater basket, club/ball washer, and cooler – to ensure that every golfing expedition is relaxing and convenient. From premium seating to enhanced storage options, it’s a testament to MadJax’s commitment to delivering more than just a means of transportation.

PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of nivel

While the MadJax XSeries 2024 sets new benchmarks in golf car design, it’s only a glimpse into the brand’s vision for the future. MadJax remains dedicated to pushing the envelope, with plans already underway for a 6-passenger model and an expanded lineup that will continue to shape the future of golf car mobility. They strive to continue to innovate and enhance each model through working on new body designs that are sure to stand out.

MadJax’s commitment extends beyond products; it’s a dedication to its partner and dealer network – from its inception as a creator of components to its present state as a pioneering force in golf car design. Through dealer marketing programs, in-house engineering support, and a robust customer service and technical support network, the brand stands as a trusted partner in the journey of its customers.

As MadJax celebrates its rich legacy, the MadJax XSeries 2024 stands as a testament to its journey. The XSeries 2024 encapsulates not just a product, but a journey of passion, innovation, and commitment to excellence that is sure to inspire the future of mobility. From its origins to its present state as a trailblazer, MadJax continues to redefine the golf cart experience, inspiring a future of mobility where innovation and legacy seamlessly intertwine.