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Air Intake Issue

Reggie askes: We have a 92 Club Car that’s giving us a fit. We have put a new carburetor, throttle cable, fuel pump, and several other items. The car...

Ask the Guru

Trouble With Solenoid

Stan askes: Guru, I can hear the solenoid click but the cart stops and starts in an irregular fashion. This is a 2009 Club Car XRT 850 E utility. The cart...

Ask the Guru

Why Is My Cart Shuddering?

Ed asks: Why Is My Cart Shuddering? Question: My cart is starting to ‘shudder’ when I hit the accelerator pedal instead of going forward. If I let...

Ask the Guru

How Do I Sell More Enclosure?

ZN Asks: How Do I Sell Enclosure Special HOW DO I SELL MORE ENCLOSURES? I don’t do a lot of enclosures, usually the fit-alls, what can I do to increase my...

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Cartoon: January / February 2018

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